What if financial independence looked less like a scorecard and more like a life well-lived?

If you ask five people to define financial independence, chances are, you will get five different answers.

Your financial independence is unique to you – we help you find it. Understanding and then managing your entire financial ecosystem (which includes both assets and planning) is essential in making good decisions to reach your desired financial future.

What is your next step to Financial Independence and a life well-lived?

Your financial success is more than just investments. Your long-term financial assets are important, but financial, retirement, and estate planning that only deals with investments is like a symphony comprised of only string instruments. A golfer using only one club, a football team made up of only quarterbacks – you get the point?

At Defined Wealth Management, we deliver a melding of experience and knowledge to bring you the wisdom and clarity needed to find your [Financial Independence] and a life well-lived.

The Manifesto

De[fi]ned Wealth Management is a unique and modern full-service independent wealth
management firm and fiduciary. We work with clients so they can discover, plan, manage and
achieve their financial independence.

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The Markets are Non-Partisan

In the past, we’ve written about market noise and its emotional impact on investors’ psyche and more importantly behavior. Whether it’s about fear of...


Remembering Charlie Munger + 2024 Updates

As we begin the second month of 2024, we at Defined Wealth Management find it important to reflect on the past not only as a point of reflection but also from...


A Blog Look Back

Our blog in October 2022 discussed the market noise of a declared bear market and its impact on the investor psyche. In that post we discussed the definition of a bear market and possible causes (and listed the post bear markets performance of the S&P 500). The point of our blog then was to ask the question: should we stay invested when the market is experiencing such volatility as a bear market. Investors who make buy or sell decisions based on emotion due to short term events, often leads to poorer outcomes.


Facts and Stats on Bear Markets

Long term statistics remind us that “time in the market” is what counts and not “timing the market”. When zooming out from the current market cycle and taking in some perspective from previous bear markets (and your financial plan’s probability of success!), making emotional decisions regarding your financial well being can cause tremendous long-term harm.


Sometimes You Need to Take the Bad with the Good

Sometimes You Need to Take the Bad with the Good – This cliché is typically used as an acknowledgement that “nothing is perfect”. Nothing could be truer when it comes to acknowledging the benefits of investing over time; you must accept the bad (short term market volatility) with the good (better returns over the long term). These types of markets are challenging to sit through, but they’re also why we believe so passionately in helping our clients develop a plan…


De[fi]ned Family Is Growing

We Are Growing!     When we formed De[fi]ned Wealth Management, it was really a business in the making for over the last 36 years. We’ve had two...