What’s your [financial independence]?

When we founded Defined Wealth Management, we wanted to highlight the letters F and I in our name. Sitting back and thinking about the common thread that our clients share, our general approach to advice and our vision for the future, financial independence consistently was the theme

We’re here to help you create an extraordinary life

Maybe you went to a good school, worked hard & built up some savings. Maybe you’re midway into a great career and want to know what all the numbers on the net worth statement mean for your future. Or, maybe you’re about ready to start your “next act” and say goodbye to the working world and want to know how it all comes together before coasting off into the sunset. These are three of a myriad of scenarios – and each require a different plan, investment mix and set of risk parameters.

When it comes to money and more importantly your moneys future, you may have many unanswered questions like:

  • Am I saving enough money to reach my goals?
  • Do we have any financial blind spots that we haven’t prepared for?
  • How do I shift from working/saving to living off my savings nest egg?

Whether you’re new to working with an advisor, looking for validation or looking for more planning-centric advice, we have advisory engagements that can meet you where you are.

Plan for your financial future.

Meet the Team

Joe Opsahl

Managing Partner

36+ years in wealth management has taught Joe that financial success happens when you take a whole-picture approach to Wealth Management.  Joe’s outside the box thinking challenges clients and colleagues to reject conventional wisdom in favor of ideas that bring about true [Financial Independence].

He works with his clients to simplify their life, by assisting in managing complex issues, preserve and grow assets and transfer their legacy to the next generation.  Prior to joining the Wealth Management business over 36 years ago, he was a practicing CPA, where he worked for an International Accounting firm advising clients on a variety of tax, accounting and investment matters.

Chris Hatfield, CFP®

Managing Partner

Number crunching is only a small part of what Chris does. He is obsessed with innovating new ways to serve our clients best. From tech tinkering to delivering a high-end meeting experience, Chris is passionate about bringing you the best advice in the most relevant way possible. (Like finding ways for you to manage your account online. That’s one less pile of paperwork for you to worry about!)

No matter which hat he’s wearing, his goal is simple – to always share what he knows so you can make data-based decisions that give you the freedom to live the life you want to live.

Mariya Brannon, FPQP™

Client Service Manager

As De[fi]ned’s main office administrator, Mariya does more than wrangle papers and manage schedules. From data processing to HR and client communications – she works tirelessly to ensure that you have the tools and information you need for a simple and seamless experience.

Chris obtained his CFP in 2016 by completing the CFP board registered program and passed the CFP certification examination.  Every two years, he must complete a minimum of 30 hours of continuing education.  More information regarding the CFP® is available at http://www.cfp.net/default.asp.

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