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  • Could manage their own money, but simply lack the time and expertise it takes to make the best decision in a changing world and prefer professional advice over a “do it yourself financial planning spreadsheet”. They want a greater understanding on their probability for staying on-course for the future.
  • Have worked to accumulate a meaningful amount of assets and have come to a point in their lives where major financial mis-steps are not an option for securing their future.
  • Who are already working with other advisor(s) but were seeking a change. They were either wanting to be heard; did not want to be placed in a cookie cutter solution; or required a fuller scope of planning advice.

Watch this short video to see the my[fi] personal financial dashboard

Take control of your entire financial world with a unified dashboard that interfaces directly with us – your advisors.

My[fi] is the foundation of our client relationships. Integrating into our financial planning and portfolio management software, my[fi] keeps us on the same page and working towards the same goal: your [financial independence].

We work to help you plan, manage and forecast your financial future so you can use your money as a tool to find flexibility and freedom in your life. Data-driven answers to life’s challenging financial questions are just a call away. Sometimes it’s not even a financial question, it’s just a life question that will have a financial impact – we talk through those, too.

My[fi] meets you where you are – check your plan on the go, sitting in bed, or on your desktop.

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Facts and Stats on Bear Markets

Long term statistics remind us that “time in the market” is what counts and not “timing the market”. When zooming out from the current market cycle and taking in some perspective from previous bear markets (and your financial plan’s probability of success!), making emotional decisions regarding your financial well being can cause tremendous long-term harm.

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