What if financial independence looked less like a scorecard and more like a life well-lived?

If you ask five people to define financial independence, chances are, you will get five different answers.

Your financial independence is unique to you – we help you find it. Understanding and then managing your entire financial ecosystem (which includes both assets and planning) is essential in making good decisions to reach your desired financial future.

What is your next step to Financial Independence and a life well-lived?

Your financial success is more than just investments. Your long-term financial assets are important, but financial, retirement, and estate planning that only deals with investments is like a symphony comprised of only string instruments. A golfer using only one club, a football team made up of only quarterbacks – you get the point?

At Defined Wealth Management, we deliver a melding of experience and knowledge to bring you the wisdom and clarity needed to find your [Financial Independence] and a life well-lived.

The Manifesto

De[fi]ned Wealth Management is a unique and modern full-service independent wealth
management firm and fiduciary. We work with clients so they can discover, plan, manage and
achieve their financial independence.

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