Define Your [Financial Independence]

Whether you’re new to working with an advisor, looking for validation, or looking for more planning-centric advice, we have engagements that can meet you where you are.

When it comes to money and, more importantly, your money’s future – You probably have questions. Questions are great! We love it when people ask questions – it means you’re engaged and seeking greater understanding. 

Things like, 

“Am I saving enough money to reach my goals?”

“Do we have any blind spots that we aren’t prepared for?”

“How do I shift from working/saving to living off of my savings?” 

We work with our clients to answer these questions and more. Our wealth management process, my[fi], shrinks the guesswork from your financial future. Our process begins with the end in mind: what does financial independence [fi] mean to you?

Once you define it with us, we help you navigate the most efficient path to get there while working through the blind spots that life tends to add into the equation.


… Could manage their own money, but simply lack the time and expertise it takes to make the best decisions in a changing world and prefer professional advice over a “do it yourself financial planning spreadsheet”. They want a greater understanding on their probability of staying on-course for the future.

… Have worked to accumulate a meaningful amount of assets and have come to a point in their lives where major financial mis-steps are not an option for securing their future.

… Who were already working with other Advisors but were seeking a change. They were either wanting to be heard; did not want to be placed in a cookie cutter solution; or required a fuller scope of planning and investment advice.

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Financial Independence [fi]


Get insights, now. Use an online version of the same tool we use with clients to self-assess your financial situation. After inputting your variables, you’ll see the places in your plan to focus on next.


Financial Independence [fi] DISCOVERY Call

This is a complimentary and confidential introductory session. Our team will take a 30,000-foot view assessment of your financial picture of the present and forecasted future to uncover potential blind spots and to see if you are positioned to withstand the next financial crisis.



Co-De[fi]ned Wealth Management

Our full-service experience is inclusive of ongoing financial asset management and a wide array of planning services designed to assist in making Financial, Estate and Retirement decisions. Clients receive real-time 24/7 access to our proprietary my[fi] planning tools which allows access to all aspects of the wealth management experience.

Other concierge services include: Conducting ultra-high net-worth family meetings, insurance risk assessment; assisting in the due diligence of placing bank and mortgage debt instruments.

Fees are traditionally billed quarterly to accounts based on Assets Under Management (AUM). Clients also have the option to pay wealth management fees based on a preset charge and not assessed against account values.


Working to Financial Independence 

For working professionals and business owners who don’t have a lot of liquid assets, we offer ongoing planning services to help you establish and maintain your individual plan. We start by creating your Defined Independence Plan™ (described below). After we define the plan, you’ll track your progress and performance on a quarterly or semiannual basis inside of our proprietary my[fi] technology for as long as you’re a client.

Initial fees are quoted based on one year of service, with 50% due upfront and balance over next 6 months. Fees for ongoing service beyond first year is subject to negotiation.


The De[fi]ned Independence Plan™

Even if you or someone else manages your assets, we can help you define an initial plan. We start with a Discovery Meeting, Risk Compatibility and Blind Spot assessment. No matter how you feel about your finances, our work focuses on improving your life in the future. We make recommendations on the allocation of your financial assets that are consistent with your goals and risk tolerance. Your comprehensive plan will be customized to fit your financial, retirement, and estate planning dreams and desires. After we define the plan, you can track the progress on an on-demand basis inside of our proprietary my[fi] portal, in addition to our more detailed quarterly or semi-annual meetings. Access to my[fi] tools will persist for at least one year.

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