Office Update

Oct 1, 2020 | Business

When we started De[fi]ned Wealth Management on April 1st, we arranged to temporarily keep our offices in Suite 1055 of the Lincoln Center Tower Building on a month to month basis.  For most of this time due to COVID-19, Mariya, Chris and I have been working out of our home offices. The search for a new permanent physical location became a low priority, but because of the civil unrest in downtown Portland, we were concerned about increasing rents in the suburbs, so we began the search to find a permanent home that was more suitable for us but would also be a convenient place for our clients once we started to meet in person (post COVID).  We are happy to announce effective October 1st:

Our new address is:

Cascade Square
8625 SW Cascade Ave.
Suite 410
Portland, OR 97008

Located in the Washington Square Office Market off Cascade Avenue (about a mile from our previous office), the property has great visibility and access to Highway 217 and easy access to public transportation. Our phone numbers remain the same and we look forward to chatting with you soon.  Click here to find us on the map. With this move, our ADV has been updated to reflect the change. Please go to to review.

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De[fi]ned Wealth Management is a unique and modern full-service independent wealth management firm and fiduciary. We work with clients so they can discover, plan, manage and achieve their financial independence.