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A Tale of Two Investors

It was the best of times; it was the worst of times. No, I’m not referring to the classic Charles Dickens novel, A Tale of Two Cities.  I am speaking of the volatile nature of the investment markets over the past two quarters and its impact on the Tale of Two...

A Lesson from the Wizard of Oz

Dorothy only wanted to return to Kansas, but the Great Oz was not going to have any part of granting her only wish. However, Toto was able to discover what wasn’t apparent to Dorothy, The Tin Man, Scarecrow or the Cowardly Lion, and brought to life one of the most...

It Is All About Perspective

“Some People See The Glass Half Full. Others See It Half Empty.  I See A Glass That's Twice As Big As It Needs To Be.” ― George Carlin Given the option of investing in one of the below performance charts over the last 10 years, which represents a better investment...

Patience & Risk

The latest volatility in the stock market could be driven in part by trade war rhetoric between the US and China.  The final real impact of a trade war on the economy and stock and bond market performance (if any) remains to be seen; but it is a reminder that the...

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