November 2020 Newsletter

Nov 24, 2020 | Business

Finishing Our First Seven Months
at De[fi]ned Wealth Management


When we rebranded our business into De[fi]ned Wealth Management last spring, it was really a business in the making for over the last 35 years. Not just an investment advisory firm like any other from the past, but rather a firm designed to help our clients define and achieve their personal Financial Independence, hence the [fi] in the name De[fi]ned.

De[fi]ned Wealth Management is a unique and modern full-service independent wealth management firm and fiduciary, who work with clients who want to discover, plan, manage and live their Financial Independence by using our proprietary client portal and planning process called my[fi].

What we have come to know is that not everyone has the same definition of Financial Independence. Our customized client portal and process allows us to help our client build their personal definition of Financial Independence for now and in the future. Our my[fi] portal is the pathway for our clients in defining, planning, managing, and living their Financial Independence.

In our May 2019 Blog Post titled “A Tale of Two Investors,” we talked about two kinds of investors during turbulent times; those who have developed a long-term plan and those who have not. Historically, most measure planning success disproportionately based on their ability to save and/or their ability to achieve high investment returns. While savings and investment returns are important, financial independence also requires focus on how you will spend or withdraw your money over time, which is arguably much more difficult.

Our my[fi] portal helps eliminate the guess work as our client’s answer the following questions about defining their Financial Independence:

1. When can I make working optional?

2. How much money do I need to fund my desired lifestyle, with and without income from working?

3. How will I generate the cashflow needed to meet my financial independence, now and for years to come?

4. Are my current investments in line with my appetite for risk? My goals?

5. How can I continually measure my progress towards reaching my Financial Independence?

Success in life, no matter what form it takes, involves the need to plan and that is the approach we take with our clients. The goal of De[fi]ned Wealth Management is to provide our clients with tools and answers so they can control their financial destiny instead of being a slave to it.

Some Closing items:

With COVID surging again in Oregon, we are working from home full time for now. We did just move into new office space, but we will be waiting a bit longer to use it. Our last newsletter announced our new space, in case you missed it.


Stay safe and healthy!
     Joe, Chris and Mariya

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De[fi]ned Wealth Management is a unique and modern full-service independent wealth management firm and fiduciary. We work with clients so they can discover, plan, manage and achieve their financial independence.